Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Trojan Horse

Here is Trojan Horse. Possibly the most underrated band swimming around my little city. I honestly don't know why as they power a huge prog rock hole through the bland and unoriginal bands that seem to plague this parts.

Now to just call them prog rock is somewhat unfair as they glimmer through heavy pounding beats to amazing sublime tripped out parts that at times blow your furry little heads. All the transitions are smooth and really well thought out, if only every band put this much effort into playing music. With tracks such as Laces and Racists to the happy, clappy Brazilian song then it has something for everyone.

To stream their album or purchase it then go here - http://trojanhorse.bandcamp.com/

So go turn the lights off, stick your headphones on and take a trip.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Age Sixteen

Now sadly departed, but here is their 2009 Tour Sampler CDR they did. As i live in the UK i could never really see them, but they did send me a copy of this. It was before they put out their album so had a couple of tracks off it and was a good taster of what was to come.


1. Fabric
2. As Personal As A Greeting Card
3. The Lion & The Gazelle

2009 Tour Sampler CDR

Video Post 2

Cattle Drums - Two Pigeons

Shed For You - 12 Seconds

Jenny Piccolo - Donation To The Deaf

Big Kids - Kinda Like Fest Live Set (Part One)

The Exploration

The Shark Ate My Friend

Maximillian Colby - One Gallon Alda

Q And Not U - X-Polynation

Doomtree - Drumsticks

Pre - Fuk is Fun

Antipop Consortium - Dead in Motion

Aesop Rock

Legendary Hip Hop guy from New York. Amazing, intelligent rhymes that show an insight that few can do and backed up with thumbing beats and great samples then it's no wonder why he is on top of his game. With previous Ep's and album like Labour Days, None Shall pass each tagged with their own individual sounds that are ever evolving then you just have to check it out.

Bazooka Teeth EP

Mane Horse

Ok, so i'm stealing this post from the excellent Muzack blog where one of the members of Mane horse writes on. But this EP is pretty outstanding, and i have been listening to it constantly for the past couple of months or so. Hailing from California, this lot play upbeat, sugar rush emo, punk tunes that will brighten up anyone's day. With great twiddly guitars and brilliant vocals what's not to like, if you are a fan of Ape Up!, Cattle Drums then jump onto this!


What Do You Mean We're Just Friends?

I Have Dreams

Some of the most powerful and emotionally driven music driven music i have ever heard. I had totally forgotten i had one of their EP's until the other day, and when i put it on it stills sounds as fresh as it ever did. Ranging from screamo/emo to gut punching heaviness there isn't much that can top the well put together tracks or the pure intensity of this. GET IT!

Three Days Till Christmas

Cowboys Become Folk Heroes

So i have been on a somewhat nostalgic Screamo binge of recent, going through all my old ep's and albums and this has to be one of my favourites. As raw as it comes really, Cowboys Become Folk Heroes play with a great intensity that has rarely been matched since. With great slower paced break down that gather speed until all hell breaks loose. Outstanding.




So, i guess most people have heard of Ampere. But if you haven't then get listening! Featuring ex members of Orchid, Last 40 Seconds and Wolves etc this bunch play short, technical and intelligent screamo jams that screams of fast paced energy. Much like a hurricane of awesomeness.


All Our Tomorrows End Today