Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Thomas Wincek

Here's something a bit different. Thomas Wincek is a pretty awesome fellow. Does mainly such projects as All Tiny Creatures and Volcano Choir (to name a few, see the link below for all of them). But i have put up the Extended Techniques album which has a huge experimental experiment which includes hitting strings with chopsticks and all kinds of great weird things. Experience something different.

Extended Techniques

The Exploration

One of my favourite twiddly, tapping, emo? or whatever this newish wave is called. To my knowledge they only did a couple of small releases (but i'm sure i am wrong). Still no matter, the tunes are great slightly more slower and paced than other stuff about but well crafted and pretty darn melodic. I have put up the Basement Demo with sounds great and the semi distant vocals are great as you hear the singer straining to get heard (which sounds awesome). So if you are a fan of Grown Up's, The Reptilian then grab this as you won't be disappointed.

Basement Demo

Friday, 4 June 2010

Thrash To The Puss 5-Way Split

5 Bands, 5 or so minutes and Free! Pretty decent offer if you ask me. The 5 bands involved show all the different variations of hardcore, from straight up thrash to blistering powerviolence to even some jazz?!?!?

xHaroldshitmanx - Scottish thrash/powerviolence kids! One of the more productive bands about with splits and ep's a plenty and never ever let up or disappoint.

Damage - Powerful thrash filled tracks that make you wet yourself.

You Suck - Have since passed away! Which is such a shame, but they still have something to give. Super fast, super heavy straightedge kids, super awesome!!!

Unlearned - Members from the ever brilliant Kent Brockman so you know what's coming! Fuck Yeah!

Bill Shatnerrr - Angular thrash/jazz/hardcore and a whole lot of other crazy, adding something different.

So jump on board and get yourself a free copy, and spread it around!

Thrash To The Puss