Tuesday, 3 August 2010


So i have been on a sugar-esque poppy/emo high of the past few weeks and have been bouncing around to these guys for a few days constantly. Hailing from the Windy City these guys have super upbeat pop/punk/emo tunes that will cure any blues and bring the sunshine out! Sounding like the likes of Grown Up's, Ape Up then how can you go wrong!

So go on take advantage of their two track demo they put up for free and grab copies of the second run of tapes they will be doing soon!



Cabin Fire

Hard to pin point what these guys sound like, but something between a furious rage of uncompromising proportions and a nervous, anxious energy would be somewhere on the way there. Really is a powerful form of hardcore with fast, heavy sections topped off with slower and more subdue sections that adds a little something different. I always like to champion this kinda of music that puts the danger and angst back into hardcore.

Below is their American Lies EP and it is rather bloody good!


American Lies