Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sorry, New Stuff Will Be Up Soon!

There shall be some new stuff on it's why very soon, so hang in there. Plus news on the new ZX Tapes releases, which promise to be very very good indeed.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Super 90's Emo/Hardcore Post

Now here's a great little treat for all you real emo/hardcore fans out there (myself included). I found this on the Collective Zine forum, it's a huge list of download's that someone kindly put up featuring hundreds of old emo bands from Baby Harp Seal, Across Five Aprils and many many more. I am slowly working my way through the list and there is some real outstanding stuff on here. So get on it.

Real Emo/Hardcore Super List!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Easily my favourite emo hardcore band of all time. Nothing quite compares to the raw emotion and energy of what these 3 guys did, with simple song structures and a pounding bass through out each track then they really stood apart from other bands that where flying around at this time. So here is their discography which is an amazing listen everytime you put it on.


Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Dr Robotnik

Bored of standard set music that goes through the motions, endlessly repeating the same bland set routines. Well take a look at these guys. Noise filled improvised music that bends through time and space to smack you in the face and show you that not everything is as it seems. The band is compiled from two bands Electric Free Time Machine and Lazer Bones and each are worth a check out on their own.

Influences ranging from Captain Beefheart to Kraut Rock in all many forms and many many more then you should all go and have a look at their track they have put up on their myspace and make an appointment with Dr Robotnik.


Sunday, 17 January 2010


Nerd cockrock from Scotland. All tracks are done by one patient guy (as i hear the drum programming can be a nightmare). This is the kinda of music you can listen to when getting ready to play Afterburner or Golden Axe as it sounds just right for that era. So get out your Master System or Amiga and whack on some classic games and grab the track below and live like it's 1993!


Tyris Flare

Summer Vacation

Just received a message from these guys asking if i would do a post for their second Demo, odd as i was going to ask them. But anyway Summer Vacation are great, poppy/post punk and would be right at home doing a house show i reckon. It's the kind of music you can put on at anytime of the day or year and be happy you did, truly infectious and amazingly catchy.

I have put up their 1st demo for download, but they have a second Demo you can buy off their Myspace. So if you like what you hear go and get a copy.


Do Me A Favour Demo

Impetus Vol.1

So here is something that you all should grab a copy of. Impetus Vol.1 is the first part of the muligenre, anti fascist compilation. With music ranging from Hardcore/Powerviolence/Noise/Punk then it has something for everyone and all the bands/artist's pretty much cover the globe. The comp features such bands/artist's as:

Animal Machine

So what are you waiting for go, go buy or trade a copy from the following people:

Puzzle Records
Thrashfuck Records
Frozen Tendril Records
Meziproster Blog

Leaving Songs

So here's a great little band for you all to keep an eye out for this year, Leaving Songs! Playing some really nice screamo/emo tunes that are both heavy and uncompromising to slowing it down for the great break downs before charging head forward to the pacey parts. Clever, clinical and clearly love what they are doing, then all welcome Leaving Songs.

Watch out for their self titled EP coming out with in the next month on the ever impressive Mayday Mayday Records.

Plus they will be doing a 17 days East Coast (US) tour with Merchant Ships, so go to their Myspace and check them out now!


Friday, 15 January 2010

Into The Storm

Hard to pin point who these guys sound like but who cares! Styles ranging from screamo/hardcore/metal all mixed together with almost perfection. The sound of these guys is like the clash of thunder before the storm and at points almost the complete opposite. Each track is pretty different from the next and creates a great all round atmosphere, something that does lack from previous stated genres. I can't rate these guys highly enough, so git some.


Amidst a Sea of Chaos

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Song of the Day!

So i have some time while the new tapes for ZX Tapes is drying in the kitchen so thought i would go through today's play list and SONG OF THE DAY!

The good thing about having a data entry job is that you can spend the day listening to music, so here's what has ticked my fancy today:

Down - Nola
Des Ark - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Racecar - 12" Any emo kids these fellows are worth a check out, the track Fashioning Arrows From Olive Branches is super.
Piglet - Lava Land
Fang Island - Sky Gardens EP
Beastie Boys - Recheck Your Head. A remix of the Check Your Head album, saw this on I Found This Song on the Road blog and worth a check out.
25 Dollar Massacre - The 2 Year EP
Actress/Rollergirl Tour Split
Phoenix Bodies - Mutton Dagger

But the song i listened to most today was by On The Might of Princes, i have always been hit and miss on this band but when they do a good track my do they do a good track. From the Sirens album (which is my favourite one!) the track Here Comes The Sirens is my track of the day! YAY!

On The Might of Princes - Here Comes The Sirens

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I love Paradise! I really do. Coming straight out their garage in Los Angeles and playing super reverbed, instrumental surf rock then what is there not to like. Super clean music coming straight out of the 50's/60's with more intelligence and better all round skills. This is a MUST! So grab it and look out for them as they are writing a new album Huarrah!



Classic Tribe

Great little band that got in touch with me to put something up for them and hurrah i did! And listening to the tunes, it was my pleasure. Coming from Long Island, New York these guys play some great indie/pop kind of grove. Upbeat like an injection of sugar straight to the veins then it is quite addictive, with the good, clean guitar bouncing over the top and the funk ridden bass popping around in the background then it creates quite a sound. The vocals clear and add something different to a few other similar sounding bands, and hell that's a good thing. So here is the Classic Cat EP, it is rather good.


Classic Cat EP

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Peter Broderick

Here's some i really love. Peter Broderick from Berlin, Germany. Plays lots of interesting styles from acoustic to classical to folk. But i have uploaded the awe inspiring Float album, it's quite a sparse music wise with mainly piano pieces and some with strings and a full band. He paints such beautiful landscapes with his music and once you start to listen to it you are stuck there until it finishes, and only then do you understand how powerful it is. Really, really good stuff!



Motherboard Compilation

My friend told me about this a few months ago so i checked it out. It has 27 great hip hop tracks from all over the world including, Wormhole, Selfhelp, Sneaks and Moshe amongst many many others. So if you are looking for new underground good Hip Hop then it's worth a check out for sure.

Compiled By Secret Cloud

Motherboard Compilation - Intel Inside

In First Person

I got into these guys/girls at the start of last year and soon after they split up, which was a great shame but in the three years they were together they put out quite alot releases, and each one was absolutely top notch. Bonecrunching heavyness with their pretty unique sound ranging from punk/screamo/hardcore and just goodness. If i could make my guitar sound like anything then it would be In First Person.

I have put up their Demo as a good starting point for anyone who never came across this brilliant band. Enjoy.


Lion of the North

Possibly one of my favourite bands of the last few years, but sadly now parted ways. Powering out brilliant screamo tunes with ultimate precision and energy in my mind made them stand out with quite a crowded genre. The song structures are pretty flawless, bouncing in and out of fierce, fast paced music to slower, technical sections all with the overture of crushing vocals and amazing drums then if you haven't heard of these guys then you should. Some members are now in the great Grown Ups and Staph.

The Compass Calls
Split With Mans


I got a CD in the post from this guy the other week and put it straight onto my MP3 player and as i watched the snow fall i listened in amazement to the sublime, ambient hip hop that came out of my headphones. The tracks roll along at a more relaxed pace, with clear and precise rhymes over the top. It transports you to another place where time stands still as the music breathes over and over you. This is really a powerful and brilliant piece of Hip Hop and would urge you all to grab a download and watch the snow fall.



Ungovernable Resistance DIY Radio

This is one if not the best DIY radio show i have heard in a long while. Pumping out the best DIY punk from all over the world from straight old school punk to sludge/powerviolence/hardcore/D-Beat punk. This is how radio should be no bullshit, no pandering to fads or whats commercial viable, just real underground punk music that has a real voice and stands opposed to the shitty world that surrounds us.

The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 7pm (UK Time, See his profile for other world times). If you have any questions about the show then you can contact Gazz at and for any other questions or to tune in then go to the Myspace link below.


Thursday, 7 January 2010


I came across these fellows a few months again and have a constant place on my MP3 player. Playing upbeat indie/emo/pop tunes then you can't go round and picking up where alot of great British bands have left off. It really is a refreshing listen that keeps you foot tapping and head bobbing through out, and they are all still wee small kids too so hopefully will hear more good tunes from them in the future. But you wont have long to wait with their first full release coming out real soon!


Veteran EP

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Copyleft records

Got a message from the guy that runs this great little label a few days ago. And what a great label it is, done for non profit with just the vision to put out great band after great band then this is the kind of label that should be supported. Taking out the evil money out of it then the love of music shines through, the way it should be! So go over and say hi and support the label.

You can download/stream album here - But don't be just a moocher go and donate to some of the bands and the label, DO IT!


Also Joe from Copyleft hooked me up with some other net labels that defiantly worth a check out:

Mine All Mine records


Quote Unquote Records

Velma and the Happy Campers

"Shit happens when you listen to records and read comic books" States the ever good and ever funny Velma and the Happy Campers. A one man army from the Ghetto's of Florida with a guitar and an amp and a taste of the surreal. Each song is an odd and interesting tale from Dragonflies Can't Have X-Ray Vision to Eric Without Eyelids. Always entertaining, always different, always good, always Velma!


Song About Parking Lots And What You Find There

From The Kites of San Quentin

So here is yet another treat from Manchester! So many good bands running round this snow filled town at the moment and none better than The Kites. Mixing up some great dubstep with glitchy electronic/experimental sounds then are really making a name for themselves. I have had the pleasure to see them live a couple of times and they have always blown me away with the great wall of sound they provoke and the sublime vocals that open up your veins and feed their music mainline into your brain. So here is two tracks from them so grab them as you wont be disappointed.

From The Kites of San Quentin Blog


Two Track Demo

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Do you have the skills to get the gzils? Didn't think so but these guys do in droves. Hailing from British Columbia this two piece certainly know how to shred shit up. Sounding like the bastard child of Yowie in 8 bit ,their noise is exact and freeform. At a first listen i sounds crazy but the more you get into it the more you see there is a method behind the madness. Each track is short like thirty seconds short and putting to shame a whole range of instrumental bands with their unique idea's and powerful drive. Now here is their Skills on Cassette download BUT there are still ones to be bought so go to their Mysapce and buy one, you wont regret it.

Will you be their allies?


First level Skills Vol 1

Monday, 4 January 2010

Negative Neutron

Amazingly beautiful and awe inspiring ambient/electro music from the ever impressive Negative Neutron. The music comes across you ever so slowly until you are wrapped up in something that sounds like the music of the universe being funneled directly into your ears. Below is one track that is just outstanding. It is an epic eleven minutes long or so and takes you on a wondrous journey. I can't rate this fellow highly enough.



Captain Beefheart

Now last night i couldn't sleep so i need something to drift me off and came across this on my messy pile of cd's and i was surprised as i thought i had previously lost it! So on it went and how i had missed it, the amazing guitars and bass with the near free form drums and the best voice i have ever heard. From the outstanding tracks like to Where's there Women to Electricity this has to be one of my favourite albums ever. Ranging from the just peculiar to pounding, complex rhythms that run over you like a helpless lady tied to train tracks. I only wish most bands put this much effort into their music and world would be a gnarly place.

Raise your glasses for Captain Beefheart.

Safe As Milk

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Age Sixteen

Now im sure by now alot of you guys and girls have heard of this lot by now and if not then shame on you! Pushing out their brand of emo for just over a year or so now they have been doing some serious heavy duty touring in America building up their profile. A few months ago they released their first album Open Up Finders, Please onto Cd and tape. But we shall go all the way back to the beginning with their first Cdr demo. I was lucky enough to grab copy number 33/100 and it automatically made something in my pants say "hello". The tracks were rerecorded for the album but i think they sound dirtier and better in demo form!


2008 Demo

The Afternoon Gentlemen

Nail down the hatches as here come The Afternoon Gentlemen. Brutal fast paced kids from Leeds mixing up the best points of Grindcore and Powerviolence and ending up with something truly awesome. If Satan wanted to play some evil assed hardcore he would prolly do backing vocals for these guys, that's just how good they are. Now listen up as they are doing a handful of gigs around the uk this month (See tour pic below) playing with other great bands as Sex Dungeon, Cryptic Salve Band and Dunce Water. And they will also be playing at the Bloodshed Festival in October AND also playing with the likes of Eyehategod and Jesus Crost in April and March respectively, so these guys are going to be around alot this year so get the Tracks below from their European Fatness Split CD and get on board!

They have a 7" due out on the 18th of January and will have some new tee's ready for their tour!!!

Tour Poster: (click to enlarge)


European Fatness


NERDVIOLENCE!!! Fast pissed off hardcore that punches you in your stupid jock face!



New Madrid Faults

I was so happy when these kids said i could put them on here. Wonderful and epic shoe gazey kind of tunes that wrap around you and submerse you into a world that warms your heart. Each track has an indivdual voice that whispers sweet nothings into your ears using a whole collection of instruments that create a wall of sound that is impossible to avoid. They really are that good.


Concerning Small Town Aberration


Great indie music from Rochester, New York. Heard about these guys/girl a while ago when checking out Whale Plane and heard the brilliant track Little Ghosts and i was hooked straight away. Beautifully played guitars and sublime female vocals with pop beats make it all so additive. So here is the first release and hope there is more to come soon.


Dammed if We Do

I Killed Techno!

Here's the latest EP from I Killed Techno! The digi punk kid throwing his hand at digi violence. Fast electro digi music. The tracks are short, noisy and pretty darn good. Just put out today so thanks to IKT for letting me put it up.


HAHA Powerviolence, Naw This is Digiviolence

Monster Island

Stumbling through their songs like a crazed drunkard with a heavy accent telling you wonderful stories of the universe then this is the Island of which they live. Great music that bounces along at a nice pace with the said vocals over the top then this would be a great addition to your new years play list. I got to play with these fellows last year and they were so good, no sound check just went on and played their set and left me gob smacked. Great Tunes, great guys, Monster Island.


The Anchor

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Well as the new year is about to kick off then i thought i would post up some older stuff from some awesome bands that you may of heard of but some classic shit that you all should have!

Bob Tilton - Peel Sessions

My favourite British emo band of all time and this is a pure treat! Coming from the always brilliant and very much missed radio DJ John Peel RIP is the great session they did for his show. Playing some of their best tracks i just love everything about it. A definite for any emo fan.

As The Sun Sets - 8949

Before Daughters was As The Sun Sets and hot damm they were so good. Their first album was pretty much straight up grind hardcore with some odd spazzy sections. And then they shortened the tracks and turned up the intensity ten fold. The results were sublime and this small EP is as good as it gets, so get it!

Lockout - Demo

These cats split up just under a year or so ago and what a shame! Five tracks of bone crushing punk hardcore that is well thought out without compromising on the speed or furiousity. The guitar is loud, the bass smacks you in the face like a pimp slap, the drums are brilliant and the throat screamed vocals are just perfect! Awesome.

Sleepytime Trio - Memory Minus

Everytime i listen to this album it amazes me the timelessness of it. Always sounding fresh it just shows how good they really were. This also includes a good few live tracks as well which are amazing. All Hail Sleeptyime!

Slayer - Reign in Blood

Still shits on everything ever haha.