Thursday, 18 February 2010

Find Him And Kill Him

Yep more thrash. This time from the US, and a great band that show no compromise on record or live. Fast, furious and some witty social commentary. Get this and ten minutes later you'll want to be in a thrash band...and who doesn't!

Find Him And Kill Him - Cut Them To Pieces

Quattro Stagioni

Dirty Grindy/Powerviolence from these evil kids from Germany. They did split up at one time and then came back to put out another record (as far as i am aware, i could be very very wrong), either way this is awesome, fast, brutal and kicks you in the face, steals your wallet and then uses the money to buy your girlfriend a bunch of roses on Valentines day.....


Claire Danes

So here is Claire Danes (if you are not already a fan that is), a great punk/pop/emo kinda band from Rochester, New York. The songs are just a nice size and play through quite easy with up beat drums and pop like guitar riffs then it all adds up to be rather fucking good!

Below is their first 2 demo's, but go and wave hello to them and buy one of their awesome T-Shirts!


Demo's 1 & 2

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

xHaroldshitmanx/WWWW REPOST


So here is a repost for the Haroldshitman/WWWW boys as they are trying to plan out a summer tour across the UK. They are looking for dates between 2nd - 11th July but if you can help then go to their profiles and send them a message with any details and spread the love.

Here is the split we did together and it is ohh so awesome - ZX004 xHaroldshitmanx/WWWW Split Tape

xHaroldshitmanx MYSPACE

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair MYSPACE


Here's some more great Hip Hop. A live band that throws down some dope funk/soul jams with some great rhymes thrown over the top. It really is a good slice into the lives of these guys with heart felt lyrics at points and a good sum up of their scene out there. Can't rate this album highly enough.

Heiruspecs - Small Steps

Fig 4.0

One of the best hardcore/punk/thrash bands to have ever come out of the UK in many many years. They split up many moons ago but they still live on as a high standard for other bands to follow. The songs are fast, intense and pretty creative. Not just the standard boring old formula's which does plague these genres somewhat, they switch up the styles at lightning fast tempo's without compromising the melodies at any point. They were that good!

This has to be a must!!!

Action Image Exchange

Hi! We Are Your Dads

Super great little band these guys are. Playing some great blistering punk/hardcore stuff they really are quite good and defiantly worth a sneaky peek at especially as they have just dropped their new CD on Blue or Yellow cd's for 3 Dollars, How's that for a deal! So get over there and buy one!

Hi! We Are Your Dads MYSPACE


So here are Polina...again! They messaged me to put up a couple of links for them and who am i to argue. These Canadian emo kids seem to be making some waves and hope it continues.

So here is a link that will take you to their online store so you can grab a copy of their awesome ep - Online Store

And here is the download for the EP. - EP Download


Thursday, 11 February 2010

You Suck

So i am proud to announce this is the latest tape from my wee label ZX Tapes. Crushing fast and super heavy straightedge powerviolence that leaves you breathless and ready for war! The recording of this is top notch and fucking loud and gives you a feel for the passion and power of this great band.

This tape is limited to 40-50 copies and will cost 5 Dollars (US), 3 Euros, 2.50 (UK) So message me on my myspace page for payment details! Hurry up they are going quick!

You Suck Myspace - Check out Typical as it is the first track off the tape.

ZX Tapes Myspace

And for a little treat for you all here is You Suck's first ever gig on film for you all to enjoy! - You Suck First Gig

So come by and grab a tape!!