Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Get Serious

Yet another awesome band from Manchester (UK), hurrah! This time super pop punk from the Get Serious kids. This is terribly addictive and i was caught on the bus busting out some one my best white boys dances shuffles to this while on my way to work. It was all recorded with one maybe two mics in their practice room and the results are pretty fucking good. Each tracks is around two minutes (if that) and bounces around like a kid on a Haribo sugar rush with the live recording really helping push through their energy.

So you like power pop punk? Well open a beer and put this on and get singing "Waste my time, lose my mind!" you know you will.


Get Serious - High on DIY

Workerbee Records

So here's a post about the wonderful Workerbee Records. Mainly known for their awesome compilations featuring all kinds of bands and other music folk including Casey Jones, Murder Mystery and Electric Needle Room. Mainly focusing on Lo Fi stuff plus some of the most bizarre music i have ever heard (that is a compliment) then this is one of those small labels that are always worth a look out for for new and very exciting music.

At the moment they are looking for bands for a new comp so if you are interested then go and drop them a line on their myspace.

Now here is the Low Fidelity Living 5 featuring My Cell Phone is Better Than Your Cell Phone, Poland and You Are Home amongst many others so grab a copy and enter the world of Workerbee records.


Low Fidelity Living 5


Here's a band you have to check out the wonderful Polina. Mixing up the intensity of punk with sprinklings of emo hardcore (the good kind of emo that is) and some great technical diversity, then how can that not sound good. You only have to see their influences to see that they are willing to try and play something a bit different to most other bands in this genre. From Miles Davies to Pig Destroyer to Drive Like Jehu!

Their EP will be out in late January next year and more tracks will be posted on their myspace very soon. So go on over and say hello!



Bill Shatnerrr

Hailing from Manchester, UK comes (or came as now sadly defunked) Bill Shatnerrr. A trio of odd bods that wanted to push the boundaries of hardcore using as many influences as possible like Daughters, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Ornette Coleman and every garage punk band under the sun. The results came out loud, fast and noisy. The demo below has 4 tracks that were recorded live in a practice room with a handful of beat up mics and a very temperamental laptop. These tracks are all that pretty much remain as nothing else got put out. So like your hardcore with a jazzy, bizarre edge? Then here's Bill Shatnerrr.

Bill Shatnerrr - Bootleg Demo

No One is Immune

A small side project i did over a couple of weeks. Super fast powerviolence containing six tracks all wrapped up in three minutes or so. I was going to put it out on a tape but i was too lazy so here it is!

No One is Immume - EP