Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I love Paradise! I really do. Coming straight out their garage in Los Angeles and playing super reverbed, instrumental surf rock then what is there not to like. Super clean music coming straight out of the 50's/60's with more intelligence and better all round skills. This is a MUST! So grab it and look out for them as they are writing a new album Huarrah!



Classic Tribe

Great little band that got in touch with me to put something up for them and hurrah i did! And listening to the tunes, it was my pleasure. Coming from Long Island, New York these guys play some great indie/pop kind of grove. Upbeat like an injection of sugar straight to the veins then it is quite addictive, with the good, clean guitar bouncing over the top and the funk ridden bass popping around in the background then it creates quite a sound. The vocals clear and add something different to a few other similar sounding bands, and hell that's a good thing. So here is the Classic Cat EP, it is rather good.


Classic Cat EP