Thursday, 18 February 2010

Find Him And Kill Him

Yep more thrash. This time from the US, and a great band that show no compromise on record or live. Fast, furious and some witty social commentary. Get this and ten minutes later you'll want to be in a thrash band...and who doesn't!

Find Him And Kill Him - Cut Them To Pieces

Quattro Stagioni

Dirty Grindy/Powerviolence from these evil kids from Germany. They did split up at one time and then came back to put out another record (as far as i am aware, i could be very very wrong), either way this is awesome, fast, brutal and kicks you in the face, steals your wallet and then uses the money to buy your girlfriend a bunch of roses on Valentines day.....


Claire Danes

So here is Claire Danes (if you are not already a fan that is), a great punk/pop/emo kinda band from Rochester, New York. The songs are just a nice size and play through quite easy with up beat drums and pop like guitar riffs then it all adds up to be rather fucking good!

Below is their first 2 demo's, but go and wave hello to them and buy one of their awesome T-Shirts!


Demo's 1 & 2