Monday, 1 March 2010

Carlton Banks

Awesome Mexican Screamo with a pretty cool name! They have some really good tunes packed full of energy and mayhem. All the tracks are well put together and add something a bit different from the US, Euro screamo stuff that is around at the moment.




Ahh great little band from Providence, US. Playing some sweet little instrumental tracks (with occasional vocals) and only being two of them then even bigger kudos for making the sounds pretty full with some decent guitar and drum parts.

They are embarking on a pretty big US tour soon with other wicked bands like Merchant Ships and Broken Chords Can Sing Alittle, so get out there and check them out in the real world. You can listen/download some of their tracks at their Bandcamp site thing.

Giuseppe Bandcamp

N.O.P Records

So here is a great wee label putting out really good punk/ska/hardcore tunes for all you little kids. It's always great to see small labels helping out and doing their best to put out quality music and N.O.P Records are great at what they do.

They have put out bands such as Shatners Revenge, Dregs of Society, Rat Pigeon and some more. All of their releases have also been put up for free download as well on their myspace page, and really are worth a check out.

So support underground music and support the small labels busting their balls to put out great music. Go and check them out at their myspace below.

N.O.P Records