Sunday, 17 January 2010


Nerd cockrock from Scotland. All tracks are done by one patient guy (as i hear the drum programming can be a nightmare). This is the kinda of music you can listen to when getting ready to play Afterburner or Golden Axe as it sounds just right for that era. So get out your Master System or Amiga and whack on some classic games and grab the track below and live like it's 1993!


Tyris Flare

Summer Vacation

Just received a message from these guys asking if i would do a post for their second Demo, odd as i was going to ask them. But anyway Summer Vacation are great, poppy/post punk and would be right at home doing a house show i reckon. It's the kind of music you can put on at anytime of the day or year and be happy you did, truly infectious and amazingly catchy.

I have put up their 1st demo for download, but they have a second Demo you can buy off their Myspace. So if you like what you hear go and get a copy.


Do Me A Favour Demo

Impetus Vol.1

So here is something that you all should grab a copy of. Impetus Vol.1 is the first part of the muligenre, anti fascist compilation. With music ranging from Hardcore/Powerviolence/Noise/Punk then it has something for everyone and all the bands/artist's pretty much cover the globe. The comp features such bands/artist's as:

Animal Machine

So what are you waiting for go, go buy or trade a copy from the following people:

Puzzle Records
Thrashfuck Records
Frozen Tendril Records
Meziproster Blog

Leaving Songs

So here's a great little band for you all to keep an eye out for this year, Leaving Songs! Playing some really nice screamo/emo tunes that are both heavy and uncompromising to slowing it down for the great break downs before charging head forward to the pacey parts. Clever, clinical and clearly love what they are doing, then all welcome Leaving Songs.

Watch out for their self titled EP coming out with in the next month on the ever impressive Mayday Mayday Records.

Plus they will be doing a 17 days East Coast (US) tour with Merchant Ships, so go to their Myspace and check them out now!