Saturday, 14 August 2010

Thirty Called Arson

So here's a bit of old awesome metal/hardcore stuff for you. These guys never seemed to catch on too much which was a shame but thankfully they left a strong legacy behind them. Their sound was brutal, raw and pretty unforgiving the way this music should be. With huge breakdowns that are so forceful they could give you a nose bleed! This topped with some slower and an instrumental track shows they have some range, but it's mainly just balls out power!

You're Only A Rebel From The Waste Downward

Open Grave Culture

So during a few sleepness nights i have been listening alot to these guys. Too be honest i don't know alot about them other that they are amazing. Pretty experimental hip hop that stays clear of all the obvious clinches that can some times haunt this genre of music. So it is away refreshing to hear people putting their own individual stamp on proceedings.

The album is a mix of relaxing, down tempo tunes with glitchy samples and punching beats. Topped all off with great vocals that fit so snug into the whole sound itself. The track Sleeping Underwater is really outstanding. Consisting of an opening acoustic guitar riff with some odd noise sample then degenerating into a scratch fest with great rhythms being spit over the top. The overall sound is so different but so so good! You just have to grab a copy of this!


Open Grave Culture Album

Bill Shatnerrr

So a bit of self promotion here but who cares! Here is my wee small band once again with our new EP You put the Round Burger on the Square Wonderbread for all you grimy hardcore/spazzy/jazzy buggers out there. Four tracks of angular hardcore with a slightly different twist. Obviously as i am in the band then i am rather bias but fuck it i think it's awesome!


You put the Round Burger on the Square Wonderbread