Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Divets/Anisette Banana Split

This is the great little split between two of my favourite bands of the moment Divets and Anisette.

It composes of 2 tracks by each band that kind of blend into one. First up is the brilliant madness of Divets (see previous post) a one man manic that does drums, vocals, loops and make general noise. Can't speak highly of this kid at the moment. And secondly there's Anisette, really clever and very technical, instrumental (with limited vocals sometimes) kinda bag. The music switches around like a crazied tweeker going through a thousand thoughts a second. This is a sexy little split if ever i heard one, so grab it, play it and don't look at the picture too much as it will make you hungry!


Ainsette MYSPACE

Banana Split EP

Well Wisher

Right, so as you may have seen in the earlier Hail Brethren post this is the band that they became minus one member. But onwards they continued and just a month or so ago they recorded a few tracks and i have two of them tracks for you. Sinking more into the pop punk/emo whole bag this is nothing but rather good, with good decent guitar work, a thumping bass and a driving drum beat it all shapes up pretty fucking well. Well decide for yourself....



Get Yer Top Off


Featuring member(s) of the super awesome 1994! then you get a feel already of what this band is about. Bustling around with their super funtime music that is bound to get even the most grinchy of person to rip off their shirt in a Hulk Hogan style and run around in circles like a drunken dog chasing it's tail. The demo features three great tracks with my favourite Chobra Son that has such an awesome opening riff followed with distant powerful vocals which was the first track i heard by them and have had a secret love for them since.

They have appeared on the truly great Ticklebutt Records tape that can be purchased here on their myspace, is really worth a check out.

Also a 7" split with Boys and Sex which is set for release in the spring time, which should be pretty darn funky.



Call Me Betty

How fucking great were Call Me Betty!?!? So good infact that i'm going to run a small post on them. Sadly they have all parted ways but Tom went on to form Henry Fonda the truly awesome Powerviolence band (see previous post). But back to Call Me Betty! Outstandingly complex and heavy all at the same time like some mad jazz band that took way to much H and picked up guitars and rocked the fuck out! This is one of the bands that i wish i had seen, but always i didn't grrrrr. But for people that like their hardcore to be challenging and well put together but also is crazier than an old guy thinking he is Abraham Lincoln then this is the band for you!

Der Gini-Koeffizient

Dance or Die!

How awesome is that pic! Anyways here's another slice of super awesome Hungarian hardcore! The rawness of the demo is really refreshing, and does what it says on the tin, hardcore, fast and super aggressive the way it should be. So grab a copy, turn it up and mosh!!!!!!!




Formed only a few months ago the guys have already put out their demo and what a demo! Happy go lucky pop/emo/indie kind of groove that puts a spring in your step. These guys are looking for house shows up and down the US in the new year so if you can help then jog on over to their Myspace and do so!



Hail Brethren

Now sadly parted their ways, but now 4/5 of them now play in Well Wisher.

But this was a fantastic album of twiddly riffs and energetic post punk that made you click your fingers and nod your head. Always an awesome live spectacle with raw energy from their music passing through the audience like a spliff through a hippy convention. This is an extra special post as there has been two unreleased tracks that have been put out which were intended for a split but of course never happened. So you lucky people not only do you get this awesome ep, you also get the two unreleased tracks as well! Hows you like them apples!

Hail Brethren EP + 2 Unreleased Tracks

Twilight Of The Idols

Now i am really happy the guys at Twilight of The Idols allowed me to upload their album as it has been my album of the year, and is always on my Mp3 player. Hailing from the sunny shores of California these guys really push the limits of hip hop with excellent rhymes and really great tunes in the background that convey a truly brilliant sound. Every track is really outstanding and the whole album flows like water over rocks with a more laid back style than some other hip hop bands around but it just means they stand out more. As you can see i really love this album so i hope you all grab a copy and say a huge thanks to the boys at Twilight Of The Idols.

Now if you loved this album as i am sure you will you can still buy a copy (and i hope you do) here at New Coccon.

There is also other stuff to get from New Cocoon and is the place to go and check out new and exciting hip hop people such as Staplemouth, Noah23, LXOR and many more. So drop on buy and check it out.


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