Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Madness of the Crowd Zine

Cool new little zine from one of the guitarists from Guilotines (see below post). Interesting small look at the music that surrounds his area with interviews with Amateur Assassins (an amazing band you should check out) and also Jake from Power Negi Records.

First issue has just gone out so go and snap one up!



Super fast spazzy stuff from some kids in the Midlands UK. Playing Daughters styled hardcore with tints of all kinds of badness. With tracks rarely going over 30 seconds blink and you shall miss them!

They have an impressive line up of forth coming ep's with Henry Fonda, Kaza and Black Mass to name a few. So definitely a band to keep your seedy eye on this year.


My Castle, Your Castle

Awesome new band from Scotland. Playing old decent emo/screamo tunes that at the moment are rough recordings but still adds the certain dirty demo, one take recording quality that i love! With the whole emergence of great US bands playing this stuff, midwest Penpals, Grown ups, The Exploration, Merchant Ships, Boyfriends etc etc cool to see someone closer to home doing it.

They have now hooked up with a new guitarist and are currently recording, so keep your eye put for their new stuff.


Bill Shatnerrr New Track

UK Spazzcore giants have come out of retirement to carry on their journey into hardcore. Currently recording new tracks for a split with the awesome You Suck and Guillotines that should be out later in the year.

Go and check out their new track Charlie and the Zombie Factory (rough mix) on their myspace.

Also can still download their frantic demo here - DEMO