Sunday, 10 January 2010

Peter Broderick

Here's some i really love. Peter Broderick from Berlin, Germany. Plays lots of interesting styles from acoustic to classical to folk. But i have uploaded the awe inspiring Float album, it's quite a sparse music wise with mainly piano pieces and some with strings and a full band. He paints such beautiful landscapes with his music and once you start to listen to it you are stuck there until it finishes, and only then do you understand how powerful it is. Really, really good stuff!



Motherboard Compilation

My friend told me about this a few months ago so i checked it out. It has 27 great hip hop tracks from all over the world including, Wormhole, Selfhelp, Sneaks and Moshe amongst many many others. So if you are looking for new underground good Hip Hop then it's worth a check out for sure.

Compiled By Secret Cloud

Motherboard Compilation - Intel Inside

In First Person

I got into these guys/girls at the start of last year and soon after they split up, which was a great shame but in the three years they were together they put out quite alot releases, and each one was absolutely top notch. Bonecrunching heavyness with their pretty unique sound ranging from punk/screamo/hardcore and just goodness. If i could make my guitar sound like anything then it would be In First Person.

I have put up their Demo as a good starting point for anyone who never came across this brilliant band. Enjoy.


Lion of the North

Possibly one of my favourite bands of the last few years, but sadly now parted ways. Powering out brilliant screamo tunes with ultimate precision and energy in my mind made them stand out with quite a crowded genre. The song structures are pretty flawless, bouncing in and out of fierce, fast paced music to slower, technical sections all with the overture of crushing vocals and amazing drums then if you haven't heard of these guys then you should. Some members are now in the great Grown Ups and Staph.

The Compass Calls
Split With Mans


I got a CD in the post from this guy the other week and put it straight onto my MP3 player and as i watched the snow fall i listened in amazement to the sublime, ambient hip hop that came out of my headphones. The tracks roll along at a more relaxed pace, with clear and precise rhymes over the top. It transports you to another place where time stands still as the music breathes over and over you. This is really a powerful and brilliant piece of Hip Hop and would urge you all to grab a download and watch the snow fall.



Ungovernable Resistance DIY Radio

This is one if not the best DIY radio show i have heard in a long while. Pumping out the best DIY punk from all over the world from straight old school punk to sludge/powerviolence/hardcore/D-Beat punk. This is how radio should be no bullshit, no pandering to fads or whats commercial viable, just real underground punk music that has a real voice and stands opposed to the shitty world that surrounds us.

The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 7pm (UK Time, See his profile for other world times). If you have any questions about the show then you can contact Gazz at and for any other questions or to tune in then go to the Myspace link below.