Saturday, 29 May 2010


So here is the amazing Motivation! Straightedge Positive punk from Hungary. My love of the stuff coming out out Hungary is well known, it's almost like stepping back into the mid nineties with thrash/PV/hardcore bands just everywhere!

These fellows have been heading the charge for awhile now with the none stop tours and releases. It's good to see a hardcore band with a positive message, and yes i know alot of people do or don't agree with the straightedge principles but when the music is this good then who cares! Crank this shit up and let the posi river flow over you!


Motivation - Life Of My Life

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Just came across these guys today. Awesome fast thrash from Liverpool, UK. Really powerful stuff with that dirty ass sound that this music needs, plug in, play loud, play fast and thrash all the way!

I'm post up their split with the equally awesome GWC another great thrash/hardcore band also from Liverpool.

JXM are looking for gigs in the UK or anywhere i guess so if you can help then hit them up at their myspace page.

JXM Myspace


The Homefront

Awesome hardcore punk from Massachusetts, USA. Fast, melodic and just what this shit should do and throw in some wicked group vocals and bingo we got a super awesome band. Been listening to this album alot of recent, always dig some hardcore to the start of summer!


The Homefront - Sacrifice

Under A Dying Sun

One of the most underrated bands ever! Since i heard their s/t album many moons ago i fell in love with them. Playing their own kind of emo/post punk tunes and unlike most bands around they play their own style, pretty dirty and well crafted songs. It's always a pleasure when a band put some thought into their stuff and show a varied range of music. With some really nice quiet, slow parts then burst into hyper, energetic frenzies and can then go either way. They always keep you guessing, which is awesome. Powerful stuff indeed.

Here is one of their earlier ep's Supernova. I was going to post their s/t album but i lent it to a dickhead friend and never saw it again!

Under A Dying Sun - Supernova

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Video Post!

Yeah so i have been somewhat busy and i hope to post up more music soon, BUT in the meantime check out these awesome vids:

As The Sun Set - An early vid of these guys featuring some tracks off their first album.

Vid 1:

Vid 2:

Call Me Betty - Turbo Yeti Violence...Yes Please!

Amaget - Hmmmmmmm

Zach Hill & Carson McWhirter - Holy Shit

Airborn Audio - M Sayyid and High Priest From APC project. Amazing!

Hot Bone - Fantastic 2 piece doing some busking from Futuresonic last year.

Pantera - I'm Broken. Nuff said.

Fago Sepia - Just love these dude, fantastic jazzy/instrumental stuff. Outstanding.

Mosh And Wash - A small powerviolence/thrash gig in a laundromat, haha great stuff why don't more people do this kinda thing. Has some awesome bands from Canada and around there including Labrat.

GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES! - Wish my beard was half as good.

He Who Corrupts - Haha love it!

Divets - Another ZX favourite, now a 3 piece plating some awesome stuff.

Thats all for now, now GO AWAY!

Well Wisher

I have previously posted a few early tracks by these local emo party kids previously, but here is a video of them playing last week. They played with the superb Grown Up's and was a fun filled gig! Watch out soon for the Well Wisher 7" and the split with the equally awesome Polina.

Now limber up, stretch and get some Emosize into your life!