Monday, 28 December 2009

Active Knowledge

For fans of the 8-bit generation then i guess this fellow needs no introduction...but here's one anyway. Hailing from the tasty sounding Cape Cod this guy has been creating awesome 8-bit tunes for awhile, and how awesome they really are. Throwing in influences from Mogwai to Beck and Air it all makes for a great listen. Constantly refreshing and always up beat makes Active Knowledge at the top of his game. So here's the Pyramid Neon and a special live set for you all to enjoy.


Pyramid Neon

Active Knowledge Live Set


A new one many project from a great guy called Sam. He also runs Derry Air Records which puts out all kinds of thrash/Grind kinda stuff from all over the world. But back to Quoz, a devilish grind project that is set to release it's five track demo tape in January 2010, so if you like what you here then go and message him for a copy as it is only limited to 10 copies!

So Sam gave me two tracks from it to post on here, so if you like heavy. dark, grind then get downloading!


Quoz - Scene Kids, The Ignorance Lives On

Quoz - O Hai NOOb Epic Fail. Pwned

Step On It

Now legendary hardcore/thrash band from Hungary playing no bullshit, straight up hardcore. In the last few years there has been a strong new hardcore movement with this guys being at the forefront. I have posted two of their albums but if you want more then go to their myspace for more details, and also if you live in Hungry check out their future gigs. This is exciting times for these guys so grab some tunes and be a part of it.


All School Monster

Thrash Baby


Can't say enough good things about Staplemouth. Awe inspiring Hip Hop from the US and features all kinds of other great hip hop fellows such as Wormhole and Noah23. The speed of the raps is enough to drop your mouth but also the great beats and tunes behind it all really make for an over all individual sound. I was lucky enough to get a track onto my ZX Tapes comp a few months ago. So bow your heads and and all praise Staplemouth.


Ruler of Desperate Measures

Un-Everything Except Three

Henry Fonda

Powerviolence played as it should be fast,hard and in your face! Sounds like your kinda thing then welcome to the world of Henry Fonda. No bullshit, No fads just straight up punk play at 1000 miles an hour. Since they started at the beginning of 2009 they have been one of the most productive bands of the year with numerous splits, live tapes, demo's and more to come in the new year. They are looking to do a tour in the US next September so if you can help out then go to their myspace and hook them up. So enough chat....

Henry Fonda Myspace

Henry Fonda - Demo Tape

Henry Fonda - Live At Birth

Henry Fonda - Live At Dani's Swamp House

Grab Ass Cowboys

Now here is a little treat for ya'll. It's the always wicked Grab Ass Cowboys live set featuring Bad Costume live set that was put onto SUNY Albany Radio in May this year. An eclectic mix the bizarre and the awesome for all of you to get your teeth into. This really is a slightly late Christmas present for you all!

Grab Ass Cowboys Myspace

Grab Ass Cowboys Live Part One

Grab Ass Cowboys Live Part Two


Hailing from Manchester UK (and Switzerland) throwing out their blend of sludge/punk madness these kids have done very well for themselves over the past year or so with their few releases selling out fast and playing at the Cry Me A River Festival in the summer. So here is the Year One Tape that came out a while ago, and since then one of the members has left but one wards they continue with a new 12 inch Orogeny out very very soon (you can hear the tracks on their myspace). AND they will be touring the UK again this year!!!!!

Hammers - Year One Tape


Dirty filthy Bastards! I heard of these guys many months ago and since then they have been up and down the US touring and what not, not being in the US i haven't seen them (GRRR) but from what i hear they put on quite the show. Powerful Grindcore that's faster than a cheetah on speed and heavier then a fat guy eating lead, these guys will be one to watch for 2010 with their full lengh release to be put out and the many splits and compilation appearances. So check out their myspace for more details!

So here is the Batards demo, so put it on, turn it up and Grind!!!!!!!!

Bastards Myspace

Bastards - Demo


Now trying to describe this cat may prove somewhat tricky so here goes....improv, noise, jazzy, funk, tape music?!? Either who cares what it is when it is this good! Featuring some really powerful and super impressive drumming which leads the tracks through his odd and somewhat weird structures leaves you tapping your wee feet to the madness that is Divets. I have been listening this all day today and hope you will all follow suit!

This guy is also about to start touring with Anisette (another awesome band) in the new year so go to his page and see when and also if you can help them out with any dates then please do.

Divets Myspace

Divets - Fruit Salad EP


Hurrah! I love Burt!!!!!!!!! More awesome hardcore punk from Saarland, Germany. Check out these guys in the new year as the will have a split tape with the impressive Henry Fonda on the brilliant Puzzle Records. So start the new year with some hardcore!!!

Burt Myspace

Burt - Mustache Thrash

ZX Tapes Back Catolog..So Far...

So here we go the first post! And here is the chance (if you haven't) to grab the five previous tapes that i have put out on my label:

Wormhead - Hailing from Germany, this is the product of a great guy called Wayne who does so many small and big musical projects from Burt (look out for a future post) to running Puzzle Records. This was my first tape i put out and it was fantastic collect of noise/drone material. So turn the lights off and put on your headphones and take a trip to the darkside.

Wormhead Myspace

Wormhead Tape

Somebody's Kid - Post hardcore/punk/noise from this small jam band from London. Not really a band as such as they just meet up to play some jams, but the results are incredible. Juggling all kinds of genres like a drunk clown at a birthday party this is a great listen.

Somebody's Kid Tape

I Killed Techno - Electro/pop/punk from Texas Yeeehaww! This was a little something different from IKT as he starting experimenting into the evil world of electro noise. The whole album is just one track with each song merging into the next. Great stuff.

I Killed Techno Myspace

I Killed Techno Tape

ZX Tapes Comp Tape Volume 1 - This took a while to put together but was well worth it and sold out rather fast. Here's a list of the bands that were involved:

Joint Chiefs of Math -
Swim Ignorant Fire -
Slapendehonden -
Negative Neutron -
Granny Frost -
Anisette -
Henry Fonda -
Paregorik -
Velma and the happy campers -
Cantank -
Staplemouth -
Paradise -

ZX Tapes Comp Tape Vol 1

xHaroldshitmanx/Wheelchair,Wheelchair,Wheelchair,Wheelchair Split Tape - Bored of bland,generic punk/thrash music....Well get this in you! Both bands from the sunny climates of Scotland pushing out fast,angry and pissed off Powerviolence/thrash tunes that will make your head spin. This tape was sold out with in 4 days so here's your chance to grab it for free!!!

xHaroldshitmanx Myspace

Wheelchairx4 Myspace

xHaroldshitmanx/Wheelchairx4 Split tape


Hello one and all and welcome to the ZX blog. The basic idea here is to put out as music free music as possible from any genre and to get the smaller bands out there that you may of not heard of a small stage to get heard. There is no scene bullshit here as this is just purely about the music and not about what is "fashionable" or "the latest craze". But as i will be publishing mainly underground music then if you do download something then please go and buy something from the band/artist.

If you wish to submit something for here then go to http:/ and message me.

Jon x