Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Bill Shatnerrr

Hailing from Manchester, UK comes (or came as now sadly defunked) Bill Shatnerrr. A trio of odd bods that wanted to push the boundaries of hardcore using as many influences as possible like Daughters, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Ornette Coleman and every garage punk band under the sun. The results came out loud, fast and noisy. The demo below has 4 tracks that were recorded live in a practice room with a handful of beat up mics and a very temperamental laptop. These tracks are all that pretty much remain as nothing else got put out. So like your hardcore with a jazzy, bizarre edge? Then here's Bill Shatnerrr.

Bill Shatnerrr - Bootleg Demo


Toxic Molar said...

Such a bummer that you guys didn't get to put out anymore stuff...this is so sick though.

ZX said...

For sure mate, ahh well. I have most of or songs just without vocals i will send them to you.