Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Afternoon Gentlemen

Nail down the hatches as here come The Afternoon Gentlemen. Brutal fast paced kids from Leeds mixing up the best points of Grindcore and Powerviolence and ending up with something truly awesome. If Satan wanted to play some evil assed hardcore he would prolly do backing vocals for these guys, that's just how good they are. Now listen up as they are doing a handful of gigs around the uk this month (See tour pic below) playing with other great bands as Sex Dungeon, Cryptic Salve Band and Dunce Water. And they will also be playing at the Bloodshed Festival in October AND also playing with the likes of Eyehategod and Jesus Crost in April and March respectively, so these guys are going to be around alot this year so get the Tracks below from their European Fatness Split CD and get on board!

They have a 7" due out on the 18th of January and will have some new tee's ready for their tour!!!

Tour Poster: (click to enlarge)


European Fatness

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