Thursday, 14 January 2010

Song of the Day!

So i have some time while the new tapes for ZX Tapes is drying in the kitchen so thought i would go through today's play list and SONG OF THE DAY!

The good thing about having a data entry job is that you can spend the day listening to music, so here's what has ticked my fancy today:

Down - Nola
Des Ark - Loose Lips Sink Ships
Racecar - 12" Any emo kids these fellows are worth a check out, the track Fashioning Arrows From Olive Branches is super.
Piglet - Lava Land
Fang Island - Sky Gardens EP
Beastie Boys - Recheck Your Head. A remix of the Check Your Head album, saw this on I Found This Song on the Road blog and worth a check out.
25 Dollar Massacre - The 2 Year EP
Actress/Rollergirl Tour Split
Phoenix Bodies - Mutton Dagger

But the song i listened to most today was by On The Might of Princes, i have always been hit and miss on this band but when they do a good track my do they do a good track. From the Sirens album (which is my favourite one!) the track Here Comes The Sirens is my track of the day! YAY!

On The Might of Princes - Here Comes The Sirens

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