Friday, 4 June 2010

Thrash To The Puss 5-Way Split

5 Bands, 5 or so minutes and Free! Pretty decent offer if you ask me. The 5 bands involved show all the different variations of hardcore, from straight up thrash to blistering powerviolence to even some jazz?!?!?

xHaroldshitmanx - Scottish thrash/powerviolence kids! One of the more productive bands about with splits and ep's a plenty and never ever let up or disappoint.

Damage - Powerful thrash filled tracks that make you wet yourself.

You Suck - Have since passed away! Which is such a shame, but they still have something to give. Super fast, super heavy straightedge kids, super awesome!!!

Unlearned - Members from the ever brilliant Kent Brockman so you know what's coming! Fuck Yeah!

Bill Shatnerrr - Angular thrash/jazz/hardcore and a whole lot of other crazy, adding something different.

So jump on board and get yourself a free copy, and spread it around!

Thrash To The Puss

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