Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Troop of Echoes

Been meaning to post this for awhile (sorry guys!). So here is A Troop of Echoes, hailing from the good old US of A! The guys have gone down the post rock kinda groove, with similarities to Toe, a bit of Fago Sepia and all that good stuff which is popping up all over the place. But A Troop of Echoes do it all with a Saxophone and sometime a cheeky bit of keyboard. If anyone ever reads this blog then ya'll know i always like things to be a bit different and to stand out and how this does! The tunes are packed full off energy and are woven together like a fine antique rug. They have also played with the likes of Giraffes?, Giraffes!, Arcing and ZX Favourites Divets. Pisses me off i live in the UK and miss seeing all these awesome bands live!

They have just released (or did so about a month ago) their debt EP so if you fancy some then get to it and grab a copy. BUT if you want a taste then click below for a small sampler of a couple of their tunes. But don't be a mooch and go and grab a copy!


A Troop of Echoes (3 Track Sampler)

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