Friday, 7 January 2011

Model Radio

I love Model Radio!!!!!! Hailing from the cold UK (hurrah!). I first stumbled across them many many months ago as one of them writes one of the blogs i did a post on a long time ago, but since then i haven't heard much from them. UNTIL NOW! With a few cheeky rough recordings then they are back!

Playing gruff punk, emo(ish), scramz?!? Who cares what it may or may not sound like as it sounds refreshing and well put together. There isn't too many bands doing this stuff well in the UK and it's great to hear some local(ish) lads getting on with it!

Check out there stuff on their Myspace page - or their new Facebook page

They will hopefully will have something out soon and be looking for gigs up and down the UK, so if you can help then get in contact and help them out.

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