Friday, 14 January 2011

Wheelchair, Wheelchair, Wheelchair, Wheelchair

Just when you thought it was safe...Here come's another release by Wheelchair,Wheelchair,Wheelchair,Wheelchair. Old time ZX favourites (search the blog for their amazing split with xHaroldshitmanx) playing there brutal thrash/grind for all to hear.

The EP starts with a typical WWWW intro track, slow and sludgy and heavy before cutting into a 30 second blast of hardcore! And so it continues. The whole EP is a bit rough (thats what we like) and with good mix up's between the slow heavy sludge and the blindly quick fast parts that will give you nose bleeds. This is good, very good and it's free, so get it!!!!

Wheelchair x 4 - Bandcamp (with free download to the Bald and Dead EP)


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