Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Well as the new year is about to kick off then i thought i would post up some older stuff from some awesome bands that you may of heard of but some classic shit that you all should have!

Bob Tilton - Peel Sessions

My favourite British emo band of all time and this is a pure treat! Coming from the always brilliant and very much missed radio DJ John Peel RIP is the great session they did for his show. Playing some of their best tracks i just love everything about it. A definite for any emo fan.

As The Sun Sets - 8949

Before Daughters was As The Sun Sets and hot damm they were so good. Their first album was pretty much straight up grind hardcore with some odd spazzy sections. And then they shortened the tracks and turned up the intensity ten fold. The results were sublime and this small EP is as good as it gets, so get it!

Lockout - Demo

These cats split up just under a year or so ago and what a shame! Five tracks of bone crushing punk hardcore that is well thought out without compromising on the speed or furiousity. The guitar is loud, the bass smacks you in the face like a pimp slap, the drums are brilliant and the throat screamed vocals are just perfect! Awesome.

Sleepytime Trio - Memory Minus

Everytime i listen to this album it amazes me the timelessness of it. Always sounding fresh it just shows how good they really were. This also includes a good few live tracks as well which are amazing. All Hail Sleeptyime!

Slayer - Reign in Blood

Still shits on everything ever haha.

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