Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Featuring member(s) of the super awesome 1994! then you get a feel already of what this band is about. Bustling around with their super funtime music that is bound to get even the most grinchy of person to rip off their shirt in a Hulk Hogan style and run around in circles like a drunken dog chasing it's tail. The demo features three great tracks with my favourite Chobra Son that has such an awesome opening riff followed with distant powerful vocals which was the first track i heard by them and have had a secret love for them since.

They have appeared on the truly great Ticklebutt Records tape that can be purchased here on their myspace, is really worth a check out.

Also a 7" split with Boys and Sex which is set for release in the spring time, which should be pretty darn funky.



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