Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Twilight Of The Idols

Now i am really happy the guys at Twilight of The Idols allowed me to upload their album as it has been my album of the year, and is always on my Mp3 player. Hailing from the sunny shores of California these guys really push the limits of hip hop with excellent rhymes and really great tunes in the background that convey a truly brilliant sound. Every track is really outstanding and the whole album flows like water over rocks with a more laid back style than some other hip hop bands around but it just means they stand out more. As you can see i really love this album so i hope you all grab a copy and say a huge thanks to the boys at Twilight Of The Idols.

Now if you loved this album as i am sure you will you can still buy a copy (and i hope you do) here at New Coccon.

There is also other stuff to get from New Cocoon and is the place to go and check out new and exciting hip hop people such as Staplemouth, Noah23, LXOR and many more. So drop on buy and check it out.


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