Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Divets/Anisette Banana Split

This is the great little split between two of my favourite bands of the moment Divets and Anisette.

It composes of 2 tracks by each band that kind of blend into one. First up is the brilliant madness of Divets (see previous post) a one man manic that does drums, vocals, loops and make general noise. Can't speak highly of this kid at the moment. And secondly there's Anisette, really clever and very technical, instrumental (with limited vocals sometimes) kinda bag. The music switches around like a crazied tweeker going through a thousand thoughts a second. This is a sexy little split if ever i heard one, so grab it, play it and don't look at the picture too much as it will make you hungry!


Ainsette MYSPACE

Banana Split EP

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